I would like to talk about depression causes and treatment due to depression. Depression is most affection into daily life for both men and women and even youths. When depressed you feel down or sad for few months or weeks and may be days. Depression may be caused due to lack of finances or loss of your love one or various personal issues, some people do not know when they are depressed. There some different ways to tell if you are depressed, example: anxiety, low mood, back aches, headache, being in a mood of crying each time, sleeping badly, having no appetite. This can lead into one thinking about suicidal, or feeling being alone which its not good to your daily life health.

There are different ways on how you can coop up with depression:

1. Need of exercise:this is a home remedy that can easily be done with anyone without any cost but it helps only mild depression.

2.Self help group:this is also a home remedy to a person with a low depression, it can be helped by members of your family or close trusted friends or guiding groups to help you and advice you

3.Taking a GP and wait to see the result if your GP its low you can try to relax and cool down what might be stressing you

4. Taking therapy can also help to people who are not that severe into depression : cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling can help in this case For the severe patients are supposed to take tablets despite going to therapy…

7. Antidepressant tablets are curable and can relieve someone from depression, there are different types of tablets, for the best way to know what kind of tablet its advice able for you should seek a medical advice from your doctor.

8. Combintation therapy this should be done by a patient taking antidepressant to help him or her easier, this is by taking a GP to discover what can be the easier therapy.

9. Mental health problems; did you know depression can make you go insane? this will make a patient to be taken to a mental health hospital for easier treatment Apparently this are some of causes and treatment I discovered. Depression CAN ALSO LEAD TO DEATH when you don’t coop up with the earlier treatment. For the pregnant women it can lead to miscarriage. It is advice able to make your life easy for your health.